Submit Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor for Testing (NIJ Standard - 0101.06)

Manufacturers who wish to participate in the Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor CTP may take the following steps to apply.

  1. Download the Compliance Testing Program (CTP) Applicant Package (PDF) and Applicant Checklist.
    Be sure to also read Compliance Testing Administrative Clarifications.
  2. Complete and submit Attachment A (Compliance Testing Program Application and Agreement) to CTP.
  3. CTP signs and returns a copy of the CTP agreement.
  4. Complete and submit Attachment B (Ballistic Body Armor Model Application and Body Armor Build Sheet), and model diagram along with relevant mode documentation for each armor model.
  5. Provide CTP with the name of the NIJ-approved test laboratory that will conduct the initial type testing.
  6. CTP will assign individual model test identification numbers and authorize applicant to submit test sample (s) to the selected test laboratory.
  7. Upon completion of type testing, the laboratory will transmit a Compliance Test Report (CTR) to the applicant and CTP.
  8. The test laboratory will forward tested samples/photos/relevant information to CTP.
  9. CTP conducts and evaluation of CTR and test samples.
  10. If necessary, applicant corrects noncompliance with previously submitted documentation.
  11. Applicant submits a signed Attachment C (Declaration of Ballistic Body Armor) form for each model and a completed and signed Attachment D (Conformity Assessment Follow-up Form Agreement) and a sample production label for Listed Company associated with the model.
  12. CTP reviews and submits a recommendation for compliance status to NIJ for review.
  13. NIJ renders a decision on compliance status.
  14. If compliance status is not granted, applicant may file an appeal.
  15. If compliance status is granted, applicant is issued an NIJ Notice of Compliance letter for each compliant model.
  16. Applicant information and approved model (s) are added to the NIJ Compliance Products List.
  17. The NIJ Compliant Products List is posted in our Compliance section.
  18. Compliant applicant models are entered the CTP conformity assessment follow-up process.

Questions? Contact the Compliance Testing Program CTP at –

Phone: (800) 248-2742 or (301) 240-7770 (outside of the U.S./International callers).
Fax: (301) 240-6730  


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