Autoloading Pistols Compliant Products List

Updated: December 17, 2015

The National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) Compliance Testing Program (CTP) is currently updating the compliant product list (CPL) for NIJ Standard - 0112.03 Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers (Revision A). Pending the completion of that update, the CPL is temporarily not available online. In the interim, if you wish to confirm the compliance status of a particular model of autoloading pistol please contact the Compliance Testing Program CTP by one of the following methods:

By Telephone: (800) 248-2742 (toll free, within the continental US only), or (301) 240-7770
By Fax: (301) 240-6730 Attn: Autoloading Pistol CTP
By Email:; in the subject line, please indicate "Autoloading Pistol Compliance Status Inquiry"

The CPL is expected to be available online again in the first half of 2016. Please check back for any changes to this schedule.