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Law Enforcement Restraints

The restraint and control of prisoners is one of the most important aspects of officer safety for both law enforcement and corrections personnel. Prisoners who are improperly or inadequately restrained pose an immediate threat to the safety of the personnel responsible for their control and custody, and ultimately, to the safety of the general public.

NIJ has published Criminal Justice Restraints Standard 1001.00. This is a voluntary performance standard for restraints for use by the criminal justice community. It addresses wrist-to-wrist and ankle-to-ankle restraints. It defines performance requirements and outlines methods used to test performance. The standard includes additional restraints technology. Single use restraints as well as nonmetallic and high security restraints are addressed. To download the standard, go to A companion document, Criminal Justice Restraints Certification Program Requirements, NIJ CR-1001.00 will be published soon.

For specific information on NIJ’s metallic handcuff standard (NIJ Standard-0307.01) ¬†go to



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